The Wood Triplets: One year of college, times 3

Johnson City triplets Brooke, Whitney, and Kiley Wood will each start college with 33 hours of credit, just by taking courses at ACC during high school. And they did it while playing five sports, earning straight As, and working in the family peach stand over the summer.

Starting their sophomore year, their mom drove them to Fredericksburg two nights a week. Even while taking seven high school classes and two college courses and playing two sports at one time, they managed to study on bus rides to games and during rides to Fredericksburg.


It was all tuition free, thanks to dual credit. Brooke is going into Physical Therapy; Whitney wants to be a teacher and coach; and Kiley plans on a career in nursing. For all three, taking college classes had an unexpected bonus.

“We learned how to take good notes and better study techniques. It made our high school classes easier!”

Finishing so many credits also freed them up during their senior year in high school. They use some of that free time to volunteer at the Middle School.

“Without HCUC, we would have had to go to the campus in Austin. We are surprised more high school students don’t take advantage of this opportunity.”