Chris Weirich: First in his family

Chris Weirich: First in his family

Chris Weirich was the first in his family to pursue higher education. “Growing up I saw how hard my parents worked to care for us and teach each of us, by example, to be honest, have integrity and display a hard work ethic. I could see many times where a college degree would have helpedContinue Reading

Times are changing

Greg was superintendent for a coal company. But with changing times, he decided to get his teaching certification in English and History. While the degree is important, Greg believes in lifelong learning. “My purpose is to learn how I can pass on information. That’s what we should all be doing.” Greg is attending full time,Continue Reading

“The quality has been very high.”

When comparing schools for her son, Suzanne first saw the savings at Central Texas College. “To take an entire class here costs about the same as one credit hour at other universities.” Money is only one factor. The classes directly transfer, the quality is high, and having local instructors is convenient. “They are very accommodating,Continue Reading

It’s been my dream my whole life to be a teacher

When Aly moved back to Fredericksburg after two years at Texas Tech in Lubbock, it didn’t mean she had to put her dream of being a teacher on hold. She is able to work, live at home, and still take classes at HCUC. “I feel very blessed. I want to be a teacher because IContinue Reading

“Don’t throw away the idea of college!”

After Mallori graduated from Tivy, her education plans were sidelined by surgeries. Rather than wait, she decided to attend Central Texas College at Fredericksburg. “It’s cheaper, I can drive 20-30 minutes, it’s easier on the stress level, and the professors are willing to work with your situation.” And when she is ready, the former TivyContinue Reading

You’ve got to get started to get finished

Jamie worked 30 years “sitting on a dusty bulldozer” when he decided he wanted a degree in business. At age 48, he decided “to seize the opportunity” to go college. He moved from Llano to #Fredericksburg, started working full-time at Knopp Healthcare & Rehab Center, and takes two classes per semester at Hill Country UniversityContinue Reading

Get into the wine industry

EJ was looking to switch careers and get his Certification in winemaking. If not for Viticulture 101 at HCUC, he would have to take classes in California! “Those wouldn’t be focused on Texas, so this program is a boon to people getting started in the Texas wine industry.” He can also take a mix ofContinue Reading

Amy Heimann: From home school to college

Amy Heimann: From home school to college

Amy Heimann has been homeschooled for her entire education. She is now on her 5th semester at ACC, and plans to have 37 credit hours by the time she leaves for Stephen F. Austin State University to major in Communications. Until that time, HCUC has served as a helpful transition in her education. “Going fromContinue Reading

Lots of opportunities for lots of people

Veronica already had an AA degree plus “lots of hours I can’t use.” But while working as a teacher aide at Doss she decided she wanted to be more involved in student academic performance and become a teacher. “I’ve been observing teachers, so I know what kind of teacher I want to be.” Previously sheContinue Reading

The Wood Triplets: One year of college, times 3

The Wood Triplets: One year of college, times 3

Johnson City triplets Brooke, Whitney, and Kiley Wood will each start college with 33 hours of credit, just by taking courses at ACC during high school. And they did it while playing five sports, earning straight As, and working in the family peach stand over the summer. Starting their sophomore year, their mom drove themContinue Reading