Renea Grobe: Finding her passion

When Renea Grobe, a wife and mother of four, started her career in teaching as a teacher’s assistant in a Headstart program, she did not imagine that she would ever hold a Master’s Degree in Education. Renea went back to school to become a credentialed teacher’s assistant, which allowed her to obtain a job with the Fredericksburg Independent School District. She was placed as a special education assistant and knew she had found her passion.

Renea-Grobe“I fell in love with those kids and knew I wanted more. I wanted to become a special education teacher!”

Through a combination of classroom, online and distance learning courses, she was able to perform all the requirements of her education in Fredericksburg. This allowed her to keep family as a priority.

Renea completed her entry level courses through Austin Community College, finish her Bachelor of General Studies degree through Texas Tech University, then complete her Masters of Curriculum Instruction degree through Angelo State University.

“While working and studying, we learned that my husband had cancer. He later suffered nerve damage during knee surgery and has become disabled. This made it all the more important to get my education, but I could not have done it without having the capability to do so locally.”