Heath Bell: This has been a very great thing

Heath Bell: This has been a very great thing

Heath Bell is finishing up his home school high school in Fredericksburg. With a year to go, he has earned 17 credit hours at HCUC, and by the time he graduates he plans to have twice that many.

“It’s a great asset,” he said of the Center. “It is something I strongly recommend if you are planning on taking the college route and want to save money. I can get not only dual credit for high school classes, but get those kind of credit hours while I’m home.”

Heath, who is also passionate about music, likes the flexibility of HCUC. The afternoon and evening classes work for his schedule, and he can take both in-person and online classes.

By the time he graduates high school, he will have the basics out of the way. Heath, who plans to go into engineering, is practical about the costs of college.

“The price of these classes is best thing about it, to be honest,” he said. “It’s a fraction of the cost if you went to other universities.”