Chris Weirich: First in his family

Chris Weirich was the first in his family to pursue higher education.

“Growing up I saw how hard my parents worked to care for us and teach each of us, by example, to be honest, have integrity and display a hard work ethic. I could see many times where a college degree would have helped them, so I knew how valuable the opportunity was.”

After two years completing a service mission in the Baltic States, he enrolled in Brigham Young University. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Recreational Management and Youth Leadership with a minor in business. He and his wife back to Fredericksburg, where he started his teaching and coaching career with the Fredericksburg Independent School District.

Weirich-stadiumIt was Chris’ wife that told him about the Masters program at Hill Country University Center. “We thought and talked about it a lot and decided there was no use in delay.” He enrolled in the Masters program offered through Texas Tech University.

“I chose to Hill Country University Center because it is local and because of the price for the value of what I am getting. It also allows me to still work and spend time with my wife and two young daughters. It allows me an opportunity for growth and an opportunity to give back that knowledge to the community.”