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Kevin Reyes: Pathway to nursing

Kevin Reyes: Pathway to nursing

When Kevin Reyes started taking ACC classes as a sophomore at Blanco High School, he discovered a shortcut to Fredericksburg.

“There’s a back road you can take. It’s a 30-minute drive, and really nice for me. Coming to Fredericksburg made it a lot more convenient, so I did not have to drive all the way to San Antonio or Austin.”

He is also discovering a convenient pathway to fulfill his dreams of a nursing career.


Reyes is working towards an Associate Degree in Nursing, LVN, and then RN. He is able to fulfill his clinical hours, spending two days per week at a local health clinic. While some of the health science classes are accessed from the Austin campus, an onsite teacher is available to monitor testing and supervise clinical rotations.

“While it has been a fun experience, a lot of work goes into it. But the teachers are always there to help you. From day one, they make sure you have everything you need, then give you all the knowledge and skills necessary to become a successful nurse. I recommend it to anyone.”